ReachUp! is DOT's foundation economic program. Initiated in Uganda in 2012, ReachUp! trains college and university graduates (DOT Interns) to deliver technology, business, and workforce readiness skills training in communities that are developing, under stress, or in transition.

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ReachUp! empowers young university graduates to deliver technology and business training in vulnerable communities

DOT Uganda Interns deliver the ReachUp! program to their local communities through community-based organizations that have partnered with DOT Uganda.

The ReachUp! Curriculum

The ReachUp! curriculum is a comprehensive, 120-hour course that helps participants with little to no knowledge of how to use technology to learn basic technology and business skills, and to gain the self-esteem, confidence, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to build sustainable livelihoods.

DOT Uganda Interns facilitate modules that cover: identifying your strengths, skills and passions, envisioning your future, setting goals, planning a sustainable livelihood, computer basics, uncovering opportunities around you, business planning, marketing, budgeting, record-keeping, creating action plans, and more.

Who Benefits?

Program Participants-DOT Uganda's ReachUp! program participants are generally from vulnerable populations, are un- or under-employed, and have minimal knowledge of technology, business, and the opportunities and resources available to them. The ReachUp! program provides these participants with tools and training that helps to advance their economic status and build successful, sustainable livelihoods.

DOT Uganda Interns- DOT Uganda's Interns participate in an intensive Intern Learning Experience before being deployed to their communities to deliver the ReachUp! program. During this learning experience, Interns are equipped with facilitation, coaching, mentoring, technology, and communications skills. The training and experience DOT Interns gain while facilitating the ReachUp! program prepares these young college and university graduates to enter the workforce as talented, experienced, and in-demand professionals.

Communities- After participating in the ReachUp! program, participants become more actively involved in their communities. Many act as role models for their peers. Participants also report a high rate of employment, a solid indicator that DOT's ReachUp! program is contributing positively to local Ugandan economies.

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The ReachUp! Impact


Each DOT Intern impacts the lives of 100 community members.


DOT Interns and participants are prepared to enter the 21st century workforce.


The ReachUp! program prepares young people for leadership roles in their communities.

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