Core Values

Core Values

DOT embraces a set of basic core values, or principles, that drive DOT's program quality, form a basis for decision-making, underpin DOT's public image and create a rewarding and enjoyable work experience.

  • Commitment to Quality - Everything that carries the DOT name will be of high standard and quality. DOT always endeavors to outperform partner expectations;

  • Respect for All - DOT will not discriminate. DOT personnel respect each other, respect our partners and beneficiaries, and celebrate the differences that enrich the world;

  • Gender Equality - DOT is committed to gender equality in all that it does. This applies to program delivery and to management and administration. DOT "walks the talk";

  • Localization - DOT will not be prescriptive, and is committed to localization: local program management, local program delivery, local staffing, and local program content. DOT listens to the needs of the community. DOT programs are integrated and supported by the DOT model;

  • Partnership - DOT believes in the power of partnering¬†with organizations with shared values;

  • Respect for Youth - DOT believes young women and men have enormous potential and desire to positively contribute to their communities, countries, and the world;

  • Power of Technology - DOT believes technology is a fundamental enabler and amplifier of human potential;

  • Innovation - DOT embraces and drives change as it constantly seeks creative ways to overcome challenges;

  • Team Spirit - DOT thrives on team spirit and encourages creativity, adventure and open-minds. We value the pursuit of learning and growth, open and honest communication, and the merits of passion and determination.

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